Enjoying Spring Like Weather

The first Spring like day happened over the weekend and what do you do when Spring like weather occurs? Well in this family we head outside…

NH Spring Like Day

Do not let the sight of snow fool you, this day was super warm and enjoyable. The kids and I set outside on what was meant to be just another outdoor day.

3 NH Children

But once those tracks were found, it was game on! The kids had fun following the tracks of whatever animal they were from while playing the guessing game of whether the tracks were that of a badger, a dog or a coyote. There were different animal tracks in the snow that were fun to follow.

Following Animal Tracks in NH woods

Without even realizing it, the kids had followed the animal tracks down the trail out back which eventually leads to an old railroad which has been a trail for many to enjoy with ATVs, Bicycles and more…

Walking NH Trail

We witness tracks of an animal appearing to have been dragged around, poop was scattered and it certainly seemed as if a fought had occurred in one location on the trail.

Wild Animal Scat

Further on in the trail walk we noticed what appeared to have been rabbit tracks along with another animal, be it dog or coyote, that had been chasing it. We witnessed the river, the old train bridge and pretty much walked in a circle back up to the house. A good 2-3 mile walk on our first Spring like day was much enjoyed.

NH Kids Enjoying Spring Weather

I had such a great day with the kiddos on this walk through the trail, even though the boys legs grew tired sooner than mine and Kiara’s, they were troopers and kept on until we got home just in time to enjoy a yummy lunch together.

What did you all do this weekend?

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  1. I think I’d be too chicken to follow animal footprints. Silly, I know but still true. 🙂 I think it’s fun that you guys did it though. I bet it made for an awesome adventure.

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