Easy Things to do with Kids When Home

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During snow days from school or even Spring break if you all have one coming up, there are times when the family needs ideas on what to do with the kids to entertain them, keep them motivated and just fill the house with laughter at times. Here are some ideas on what to do with your children during Spring Break or Summer Break .. as well as those unplanned snow days;

  • Local Library Events – All year round there is usually something happened at my local town library for the children. Be it crafts, story time or what not, check out your local town library and see if they have a children’s section with any programs being offered free to resident’s children.
  • Go Outside and Play – Whether it be snow ball fights, building a snow man or riding bicycles with the kids, get outside and get moving. During warmer weather you can play red light/green light, tag, and other pretend play. Also, a Scavenger Hunt is fun to do as well.
  • Hide & Seek – This is a fun game to do after dinner, when all is to be calmed down for the day but you still have some time left in the day for play time. Set rules, set hiding boundaries and have a blast.
  • Have Story Time – Take turns reading books to each other. Have your children pick out age appropriate books and have fun listening to them read to you while you sit and smile praising them for their wonderful reading skills.
  • Get Out Scraps, Recyclables & Craft it up – Get creative and use various items from around the house along with crayons, markers, tape and/or glue. Take old magazines and cut them up to make collages on cardboard or construction paper.

These are my tips based on things that work in my household. I am sure there are so many more ideas you all have, please share your easy things to do with kids with me so we all can help keep each other moving forward in positive parenting bliss.

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  1. Rosey (1027 comments) says:

    This is a good post. My kids love to be outside, and they don’t have a care what the temperature is, they just love it (every one of them).

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