Have you Gone Digital?

These days it seems everything has gone digital, can you imagine what the world will be like when my children are grown? I am slightly worried that even coloring books will have gone completely digital, no more sitting around to color with crayons in hand working those fine motor skills and enjoying family down time. Nope. All digital, I swear.

Coloring Books Go Digital?

With the ease of access to use digital publishing software and the many companies out there for you to utilize, becoming a digital publisher is rather easy so to speak. Just think about the book my daughter and I wrote, Positive Girl – The Power of your Thoughts. We were able to not only publish this on paperback but have it available for the Kindle Tablet without an issue. Quick and easy for the most part.

I can not say that getting a paperback style book format into the digital format is always an easy process. For example, you must ensure the page is setup for proper viewing on a tablet. Much like that of a blog being read online or on a tablet, some websites and blogs look better than others in digital format because the website owner has taken the time to work with digital publishing options to ensure their sites and information being put out there is easily accessible by all forms their readers may use to view the site.

Getting your information out there in a digital format is obviously the first step, next you want to ensure that your site and/or magazine or book is listed on a virtual newsstand to ensure that people are being shown your digital version. With a paper back option, there are real newsstands all over the world but with the digital world you must realize it’s the same concept you just cannot touch nor feel that newsstand.  Leaping into the digital world is a great idea to further your business, information you have to share and to just be up with the current times.

Do you use digital publishing for your business, book, magazine or blog?

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  1. There are tons of coloring sheets that have gone digital, and you can use a crayon on an iPad, so you might not be that far off on the coloring books going digital thing. 🙂

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