Why I Made Decision to be Work at Home Mom

The fact that I am a work at home mother really sort of started off as a fluke, a sort of just where I ended up situation, so to speak. You see, I always planned and had wanted to be a stay at home Mom. I was pregnant with my first child, in a relationship, working at a hospital and we both agreed I would be a stay at home mom. At least that is what my failing memory recalls. That relationship ended when Kiara was just a baby, about four months old. I had already left my job, so I was a single non-working mom of one. No stay at home Mom option there.

Next I found out I was pregnant with Aedan. I was working in a fantastic office in New London, NH. I loved the job. I loved my bosses. It was the best job ever. Then I was sick all of the time. I hate being pregnant. Seriously. I ended up leaving that job and then my, at the time future husband, and I decided I would stay at home I think. Then at some point I was pregnant with Baby Number Three, the Karter Monster.

Inevitably, I had to work. It was not an option to not work but at the same time if I went back into the outside of home office jobs then I would be basically working to pay daycare costs for three children. I needed to work and raise my kids at the same time, I really did not want someone else raising my kids and I really could not foresee me working just to pay someone else to raise them. I would rather be financially strapped and raising my kids with common sense, good morals and good character on my own than working outside of home to have someone else raise them based on their standards or lack of common sense, good morals and good character.

Work From Home MomWorking from home all really started with me being in direct sales, you know Avon and candle companies. Selling products from home via the Internet and building a team of consultants below me who I led to be successful sales people. I finally was sick of this direct sales scene, at this point the economy was sort of tanking and selling people things they didn’t really need was not my thing. I was not comfortable with how the direct sales field was going for me, even though I had a pretty successful team underneath me .. sales was not my “thing”.

What I did know was writing. I love writing. Always have. My best friend at the time introduced me to the idea of a being a blogger. Like making money with my writing? For reals?! One can do this?! I was excited. I knew I could write and at the time I was still a consultant in some direct sale businesses so I thought why not use my blog as an outlet to share my products, sales and work from home information?

Eventually direct sales died out 100% for me. I had zero direct sales companies as my work at home business and I dove right into blogging for income. One thing about me is that when I make a decision, I dive right in without looking back. I know that I will be successful at everything I do because I have that confidence. I also usually make decent income making decisions, for the most part.

While working from home has it’s ups and downs. The money trickles in some weeks while it piles in other weeks. I am sometimes found struggling with stress of when that next campaign will come through or when my bank account will see more than $1, but my bills somehow get paid. My kids have a home. My kids have everything that they need and they are the happiest kids I know. They know Mama loves them because I get to spend more time with them, while we have our space from one another, when the kids are here, they are my priority and loves. The kids feel as if they are a priority and in turn are full of happiness and love.

The decision to work from home was a difficult one, but easy one to make when I looked into the eyes of my young children and knew that I wanted them to be my world, not my career. I guess you can say I ended up with the best of both worlds; parenting from home and working from home.

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