Looking to Get Cash for CD’s, DVD’s or Games? #musicMagpie

My kids go through their video games way too quickly, once a game has been fully completed it is rare for them to go back and play that game much more than just a few moments because it’s no fun once you have completed all levels and unlocked all treasures. That is where selling your games with musicMagpie comes in handy.

Music Magpie

It’s pretty easy to sell your old DVD’s, CD’s or games on musicMagpie, simply find the barcode on your product and enter it into the website.  When you enter the barccde into the website, you will then be told the value of cash you can get for your item. You can put in up to 500 items per order, ship your products to this company for free and they give you cash. It’s that simple.

What a neat way to get extra cash for those old games and CD’s as well as DVD’s and even Blu-ray discs that your family no longer needs. Cash is always great in this day in age, look at me, a work from home mother of three who is often in need of some extra cash. I think I will go through my DVD’s I have and see what I can get for them. After all, the kids barely watch their DVD’s they got last year and why keep them if they are not being watched ever?! Well minus my Disney DVD and Blu-ray collection, that will forever be a collection kept in my household.

Download the musicMagpie App for both iPhone and Android phones, this app will turn your phone camera into a barcode scanner making it even easier to get extra cash for those non needed CD’s, DVD’s and Games in your household. I just love technology and how easy it can be to get some extra cash when and if that time comes that you find your family needed to get rid of the little extras to pay some bills.

Have you ever sold used items before to be able to pay bills? Or do you sell your old used items as a way to save for family vacations or extras? What is it that you would sell if you used musicMagpie service?

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