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As part of my week long baby features of awesome products to give to that new baby, new parent or expecting parent I am sharing information about the HALO SwaddleChange, making changing diapers on the changing table easier…

HALO swaddlechange

Information about HALO SwaddleChange

The HALO SwaddleChange swaddles and soothes babies for stress-free diaper changes.  The soft plush cover fits over the entire changing pad like most covers, with the addition of a sewn-in swaddle wrap that helps parents keep baby’s body under control while he’s lying down. Available in colors Cream, Sage, Pink and Blue velboa fabric, the Swaddle Change fits most contoured changing pads (17” x 32” to 17” x 34”). The cover should always be used with the changing pad’s attached safety belt.

Experiences with Baby Olivia

My sister called me to let me know that she was going to try this on her baby girl but she just didn’t think it would be suitable. Olivia is a baby who does not like to be swaddled that much, so sadly this product will be handed over to another recent mom to enjoy.

I personally never used a changing table for my three children because I had this fear of them falling off of the table. I believe that the HALO SwaddleChange would have been a product that made me think again about safely using a changing table in all honesty.

Connect with HALO and Learn More —

HALO SwaddleChange Website

HALO SwaddleChange on Facebook

HALO SwaddleChange on Twitter

HALO SwaddleChange on Pinterest

The HALO SwaddleChange can be purchased at amazon.com, target.com and babiesrus.com as well as other fine retailers.
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  1. Rosey (1031 comments)

    We used our changing table and would have loved this. I’ll tell my d-i-l about it (she’s due in May).