What’s your Armchair Style?

I have a recliner in my bedroom, it is my favorite chair to sit in and I absolutely would not give it up for anything. When I walk into my bedroom, if any of my kids are on that chair they know to remove their bums quickly. I do not even have to say a word. It’s just a given fact that the armchair is mine. While the chair I use is my favorite, there are others in the household, none of which compare to this queens armchair, but still, you know what I mean!

Leopard Print armchair

Since I have a large enough bedroom, the bedroom is setup with the appearance of a living room/bedroom, having two armchairs, a television and my sleep number bed. My daughter probably wishes that her bedroom was that of the size of mine because then she could have a beautiful armchair in her room as well. One in which everyone would zoom their bums out of when she entered the room!

While my daughter does not have her own armchair, I think as she gets closer to the teenage years, she will eventually have a job of her own and wish to purchase various household items of her own.  Having a Variety of high quality armchairs to choose from within various local stores and online shops would be of the highest importance when helping my oldest pick out her own armchair because she has a taste in different colors and prints day by day, it seems.

My personal choice would be a darker color but not too gloomy, however, when I was my daughters age I would have gone with a black or a dark purple. I always wanted a black and purple decor room as a tween and teen.

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  1. It’d be nice to have furniture that i just LOVED but I really don’t. I don’t mind any of our furniture at all (and hubby does love some of it) but I don’t have any one favorite piece or anything.

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