$50 Gift Card Winners from IAMS Pet Post Conversation

Pug IAMS BandanaI just loved having a giveaway sponsored by IAMS which engaged a conversation around the topic of how you keep your pet healthy and how your pet has changed your family life. The stories shared were so heartfelt and I just loved reading them, I hope that you will visit the blog post and read more of the stories that were shared.

Sadly I can only give away five $50 gift cards as stated in the previous giveaway post. So using Random.org I have the 5 winners of the $50 gift card and wish to share their story with you in this winner announcement post —

1) Mami2jcn

We adopted our miniature poodle Cocoa last spring and our kids have learned to play more gently since we’ve had him. Our 9 year old has also learned some responsibility by being in charge of walking him (I come along for the walk as well, but my son holds the leash). We work hard to give Cocoa plenty of exercise, grooming, playtime, and love to keep him healthy.

2) erin

My dog has that rib thing too – it also made me worry about her weight. But I asked the vet and they said she was a PERFECT weight and what I saw was a floating rib. Some dogs just have it more prominently than others.

That is GREAT you adopted. We adopted our third dog, Kronk, from Animal Control. We rescued our first family dog too, who passed away last year. Sookie we purchased.

As for the happy healthy pet – we do pet playdates. LOL. That counts, right? Dogs are furry kids, right? So they need play dates too! My first dog, the one who passed away, LOVED my mom’s dog and vice versa. Without a doubt they were BFFs and so excited to see each other all the time. My sister got a new puppy, a German Shepherd, and my Kronk LOVES playing with that pup. They both have the same amount of energy. And then there are two other dogs in the play dates, as well. My Sookie and my sisters other dog Lola. I don’t think Lola has a BFF, though, in the group, although sometimes Kronk can entice her to play. And Sookie loves Kronk and get jealous when he plays with other dogs. But overall, the playdates are good socially for all of them.

3) Margaret Smith

Having pets has encouraged my family and I to be more active. We play with our pets, walk them daily and socialize more because of our pets. I really feel that my kids also has learned patience and understanding and compassion, because of our pets.

4) Amy Orvin

I have 2 dogs, 4 cats and 2 sugar gliders. They are all rescues and are indoors only. I take the dogs and cats to the vet annually or as needed to insure them a healthy, long life. They all get plenty of great food and exercise daily. Even the sugar gliders have a giant wheel in their cage to run on. They truly have changed my life in many ways. They provide me with companionship and love unconditionally that humans just do not provide. I am so thankful for each of them in my life!

5) Laurie Emerson

I work hard at giving and keeping our dog in a healthy lifestyle by always making sure that he has all of his shots each year. I also feed him foods which I know are nutritious for him and help to give him a long and healthy life. Our dog Rusty has changed my life in so many ways, especially when it comes to my son. Our son is Autistic and has trouble expressing himself, especially when it comes to speech. He is so shy and self-conscious that no matter how hard we tried he shied away from talking to others. We decided to get a dog so we went to the local shelter where our son picked out Rusty. They fell in love with other the minute they met as each recognized the shyness in each other. Since Rusty our son talks to not only him but also others as Rusty has brought out his confidence in himself and our son has brought out the love and trust in Rusty. Rusty has changed our lives forever.

Congrats and please complete THIS FORM so that I can send the sponsor your information!

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  1. Thank you so much!!!! I filled out the form and just sent it in. Thank you also Not only for winning but also the contest. I loved reading all the entries as they just touched my heart.

  2. So excited to have won. Thank you so much. What wonderful stories, they really are great stories. Just submitted my info. Thanks.

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