Am I The only Parent Who Sort of Enjoys School Vacation?

Mama Bear Fights for her KidsWhen school vacation time is nearing I see it all over the internet .. oh my gawd it’s school vacation, whatever am I going to do with all of these kids for a full week? I get that feeling, I do, but the problem with the mindset – as I read it – is that you are acting as if having more family time is too much to bear. I cannot imagine having that mentality of rather wanting my kids away from me. With my oldest she is part of so many groups, activities and such during the school week that when vacation hits I am excited because we get to finally have some well needed family time together. I will be damned if she is going to go spend the majority of that vacation time with someone else or other people. We are a close knit family who cherishes these extra moments of memory making times together.

Do not get me wrong, I do honestly get ready for them to be back in school once the tail end of school vacation hits, my sons can be quite the bowl full of energy having to need me to have more energy than I can keep steady for a 24 hour period. While I do tend to get that ready for vacation to end feeling, nothing can replace the majority of school vacation when I get to have full days with all three of my kids, laughing and smiling away while we enjoy the benefits of having a close knit relationship.

Three kids in the woodsI have worked hard to build my family the way I wanted my family to be; we are friends yet child and parent, we laugh, we love and we tend to focus on our happy moments during the day. Even during dinner time, as we normally sit down together to eat as a family, I always ask what the best part of their day was and each takes turns answering that question. Sometimes they answer in a silly sarcastic way that makes me crack up with laughter while other times I feel tears of joy hitting my eyes when I realize that their day with their Mama meant a lot to them.

So while school vacation puts a damper on some of my working hours, I get one full week to enjoy my three children and that is something I cannot find the words to express in any way that would do the emotions I feel justice.

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  1. You’re the second person I’ve seen mention winter break. We don’t get one, lol. I wouldn’t mind in the least… I don’t like driving in the snow everyday, so the kiddos home is fine by me. 🙂

    Our break is Spring Break…and that’s it until summer.

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