My Little Men Need Toolboxes Someday, Right?

One thing I love about my youngest kid is that he has the best imagination, ever! I am not kidding, the stories this kid tells me during our mornings together before school crack me up. K-man is planning to build a rocket ship for us to travel to the moon. Daddy, brother, sissy and Mama are going to climb aboard and travel to the moon in this awesome rocket-ship that he built with his Daddy! I heart this kid, big fluffy red heart love this kid.

Fisher Price Kitchen Held Hostage

The other project that my four year old son has in his head is that he is going to build a race car. As a way to prepare for this day when he builds his race car, K-man can be found collecting random things from both my house and his Dad’s apartment. From computer fans to random nuts and bolts, the kid is ready to build this amazing race car with his Dad. While his Dad is doing the wiring on the race car, I will be going to the junk yard with K-man and look around for things like bumpers and seats. If we find anything good we will bring it back home but if all we find is junk at the junk yard we will leave it there. I can not make this stuff up, this is how he talks daily. Creative, imaginative and awesomeness invade his thoughts and come out of his mouth!

With that being said, if K-man is planning to build a rocket-ship and race car he needs a toolbox, right? I say yes, so I wonder what type of toolboxes would work for an ambitious four year old boy ready to take on the world with his brilliant imagination and brain power! Surely the waterloo tool boxes would be a bit much for his little mechanic ways, but maybe in the future this kid will need a full size garage style toolbox because, after all, he is planning to race to the moon …. now I wonder if he plans to take the race car to the moon too?

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