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My youngest child is my sweet four year old son who at times can be found to be rather grumpy since the past few months. K-man started to get grumpy when he was upset about something or not happy, it’s as if he simply put – did not know how to voice his unhappiness or emotions at all. Every single emotion was played out through actions. That meant if he was not happy, he was aggressive. If he was happy, he was overly hyper. It was as if he simply did not know how to deal with any change in emotional feelings. Which I have found is common for age four?!

Loving Mother with her son

Then one day, all of a sudden, my “baby” started to be super happy, consistently happy. Amazingly happy. I was baffled but then it dawned on me, I am happy, consistently amazingly happy too. It’s so true that happy parents make happy children because I was having some rough patches for a bit, all the while K-man was too. Finally, I met this man and his children and him have become a consistent part of our world. Ever since then? My kids have been extremely happy and while they still have their normal childhood testing of my patience and boundaries – they seem to be happy with my relationship choice too.

It’s such an amazing feeling when you find that one person who seems to be that perfect match for you but then when you find out his two kids are a perfect match with your three kids – it’s heaven on Earth! We all are so amazingly happy and enjoying life that my four year old is now giving me hugs, kisses and often is my sidekick partner again. Whether baking, doing crafts or simply cuddling up to watch some Bubble Guppies while eating lunch, my K-man is back to being super happy and lovey dovey!

The great news? His Dad said K-man was super lovey dovey to him as well last night during his visit! So across the board the changes that are being made around here are shown to be a positive one because not only am I insanely happy, but my children are too! I love it when I makegood decisions; not only as a parent but as an individual woman too!

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Written by brandyellen

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  1. Rosey (1060 comments)

    Aww. I’m glad you and the boys have found more people to love and love you back. 🙂