Keeping Track of Pregnancy Week by Week

When my sister was pregnant with her baby, she did what I had done during all three of my pregnancies, signed up for a pregnancy week by week website so that she could track the progress of that unborn baby that was growing inside of her belly. It’s amazing how quickly that fetus grows from a tiny egg into this well nourished amazingly sized baby. My niece was born weighing around 7lbs but my kids were between 8lbs 13oz and the biggest was 9lbs 5oz, in just nine months each grew so amazingly fast.

Having a baby is such a blessing in itself, but having that website that is there to send you pregnancy week by week emails is even more amazing. It’s wonderful to read about how their brain, lungs, fingers and hair are developing inside of you during your nine months of pregnancy. If anything, having sites like those that are available to share the news of what’s going on inside of your belly, it helps you to get more excited!

I recall being so excited when my babies were growing their fingers, no longer having web like toes and fingers, but real human like fingers and toes. I recall being excited reading about how their lungs and heart were already developed. It’s simply an amazing process having a baby growing inside of you and had I not had those types of sites that offer updates about pregnancy week by week, I would have been completely clueless as to the status of my pregnancy other than what my OBGYN person had told me.

Did you ever use a pregnancy week by week site to keep track of your babies you gave birth to?

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