Firefox Sometimes Needs Medication!

I love when I get only the afternoons to work.  Seriously. Especially when I walk into my office to get some work done only to find out that Firefox had not taken it’s medication that day.

For instance, today I spent about an hour of my couple hours work time simply fixing Firefox and removing all of the crud Comcast tech’s put on my PC yesterday! Why do they have to install all of their Comcast crap onto my PC when you can easily access it all on their server over their internet connection when you log into there website? or whatever.

So today I fell out of love with Firefox as I had to remove and install the browser, but in all honesty I am a Firefox gal so I will give Firefox it’s pill and keep on using it because it is by far the only browser choice I have grown accustomed to being in love with.

You may now all move on with your day, I just had to share my rant with you all. Happy Wednesday, xoxo!

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  1. Terri K (@tkharmonic) (93 comments) says:

    My Mom has similar issues w/Firefox and Comcast.

    I used IE for years and years but finally switched to Chrome and the only real problem I have is that the Chrome plug-ins can’t handle over a half dozen tabs, and I like to have lots of tabs open. Chrome crashes, then restores & usually remembers my pages.

  2. Rosey (968 comments) says:

    I’m on Chrome, and really like it, but it’s been acting up a bit here and there lately, and when it does I switch over to Firefox.

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