Design it Yourself Charm Bracelets for Kids #valentines #crafts

Crafty Bands makes charm bracelet design easy for kids to do! Your crafty child can design their own style of charms for a bracelet, interchange them because they lock into place in such an easy to remove and exchange way! Think about making Crafty Bands as a friendship bracelet or a swap n trade bracelet craft time for your kids and their friends.

Crafty Bands

Use your own paper to draw a sweet design for your snap in charm bracelet. This crafty fun design it yourself charm bracelet kit for kids really helps tweens and teens to express their own individual personality through charm bracelets, a much safer alternative to other forms of expressing their self. Allowing your tween or teen to create their own charms, using their artistic abilities will inspire them to be creative and use their imagination during an age where imagination may start to deteriorate.

Tween Loves Crafty Bands

Crafty Bands are super easy to use and create, do not like what you created the first time? Try again. The daughter made her own charm to test out the Crafty Bands system and enjoyed it so much that she wants to wait to make more charms until she has the time and focus to draw a really cool artistic design for a charm on her bracelet.  You can also use pictures from a magazine, photos and more using the easy to snap tool. Your child simply slides their design into the Crafty Bands snappy tool and places the bubble top charm into the snap machine, click down and voila you have your very first do it yourself charm for a Crafty Bands bracelet.

Crafty Bands Charm Bracelet

The Crafty Bands Starter Kit prices around $29.95 and includes the Shape Studio Tool, four crafty bands, 20 crafty shapes, 20 bubble caps and adhesive. You can also get refill kits for the Crafty Bands Starter Kit for around $6.99 each.

Crafty Bands are available to order online or by visiting or Connect with Crafty Bands on Facebook to keep up to date with their latest news or to share your child’s crafty charm bracelet design!

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  1. These are great. My tween (teen now) went through a phase where she had her arm loaded w/bracelets. She still does it once in awhile, but it was an every day thing for awhile, she’d have loved this product!! I think you’re right, it’s a neat way for the kids to express themselves, esp. when they get to do the designing!

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