Blending Kids and Husband On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has traditionally been thought of as a holiday for couples to celebrate their love. However, once a couple forms a family, this celebration of love takes a new meaning. Mothers often want to make it a special day for their children as well as their spouse and finding a balance that includes details to make it special for each member of the family is important.

Of course, moms cannot be forgotten on this special day, especially since they are the ones who often worry most about making sure each member of the family feels the love.


Fathers and children should remember to show how much mom means to them. It is really important to celebrate mom, who is often forgotten. Kids can create cards with sweet, unforgettable messages inside or buy her some small gift with their allowance. Another gift that mom usually loves is a gorgeous flower arrangement delivered to her on this special day. Whether ordered from the florist down the street or from an online retailer like, mothers love receiving flowers and feeling special and recognized on this day.

The Children

Families can enjoy Valentine’s Day together by decorating for it. Making homemade crafts, like heart garlands, to hang around the home and speaking about the importance of love with the children is a great way to instill why it is important to celebrate love, not just for couples but for whole families. provides ideas for celebrating with the kids, which include serving the kids an early dinner with a Valentine’s Day theme, creating a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt and reading books and watching kid movies about the holiday.

The Couple

Married couples should celebrate Valentine’s Day to reconnect and show their spouse their love. Once the kids are in bed after their Valentine’s Day fun, parents can return temporarily to their life as a couple before kids and perhaps have a romantic candle-lit dinner with the couple’s favorite dishes and dessert at home.

If they can get a sitter, Valentine’s Day is also a good date night occasion. Reservations can be made at a fancy restaurant or the couple can visit a favorite one that brings back memories of the time spent falling in love.

Couples can set rules ahead of time of just talking about each other and enjoying each other’s company, without dwelling on all the distractions that every day life provides. This day is also an opportunity to give a gift to a loved one. The important thing is that each spouse can show their significant other just how much they’re loved. From a chocolate candy bar to a pair of diamond earrings, the ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts are practically unlimited, especially once the handmade gifts are factored in.

Valentine’s Day is a day for the whole family to celebrate. But just like parents often make an effort to make such a day special for the kids, they also need to make an effort to make it special for their significant other.

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  1. I’m guilty of trying to beg off Valentine’s Day this year. I sent hubby an e-mail (how romantic is that? lol) telling him we should skip celebrating VDay this year. When he got home from work he sent an e-mail back saying of course we’re not skipping the day.

    I was surprised. Then I thought that was nice. And laughed that we’d e-mailed each other since we live together. 😉

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