Women’s Nutrition and Weight Control

There have been numerous cases when women simply could not lose weight, or couldn’t keep it off – although the right diet was applied, in spite of the fact that they exercised regularly and so on. Why does that happen? There’s obviously a solid reason for this, and the healthiest plan isn’t to apply a tougher diet but to understand where is this weight imbalance coming from. Researches have shown that a core imbalance or deficiency is usually the source for these weight issues.

Consider the fact that our bodies are built to conserve resources – therefore, when the body is fighting to lose weight, it is naturally trying to store its current reserves for whatever might come next. Prolonged stress, for example, is one of the main causes for extra fat storage. Women going through tougher stages in their lives, find themselves eating less and gaining more which is quite a weight paradox. Stress, in all its guises – from emotional to environmental – has the same effect on the human body. This particular reaction is perfectly normal and once you understand what your body is trying to tell you, chances are you will start seeing the effects of your weight loss plan.

Core imbalances that are at play in your body can have stress at source, but that’s always difficult to deal with. In this case, it would be wise to deal with the way the body reacts to it. One of the most immediate effects of high levels of stress is a severe nutrient loss. It also comes with a poorly-balanced diet. This is a piece of advice for all women that are attempting to get rid of fat fast, through a starvation diet. It won’t work unless you add those things your body needs to keep itself up and running. And in case it wasn’t obvious enough – poor nutrition can also be a type of stress – this is more of a physical stress that ends up taking its toll on the body. Key nutrients are essential for general well-being, for keeping up hormonal levels, for balancing your enzymes and so on. Even under normal circumstances, where one tries to balance their meal we need to remember that this is far from a perfect world, and one might find the perfect diet has its major failings. The result? Nutrient deficiency resulting in metabolic imbalances which naturally leads to weight gain. Nevertheless, by emphasizing particular nutrients the effect of these deficiencies can be easily neutralized.

If you’re still wondering whether this is your case consider the following fact – the two major symptoms of metabolic imbalance are weight gain and lack of energy. An inadequate level of B Vitamins in your body can account for the lack of energy (folate (B9) especially, B5 and B12). Smooth cellular function relies on high levels of B vitamins, therefore a lower concentration can lead to a series of issues. The trouble with B vitamins is that they have a short shelf-life – being water-soluble, the source needs to be replenished on a daily basis.

Tom White is an experienced wellness coach, owner of a popular cleansing website and an Independent Associate with Isagenix International. Visit Tom’s website to learn more about the Isagenix diet, take the “Are You Toxic” quiz and get advice on creating a clean, lean and healthy body

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  1. Working out first thing in the morning (before anyone is up yet) has always been my thing but right before Christmas I stopped. Lately I have noticed my buttons getting a little snug on my britches. I’m getting virtually no exercise at all. It’s so easy to get out of a routine! Heading over to check out the website you’ve recommended.

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