Yes, most know I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day and the last time I tried to the other person didn’t really do anything so I felt sort of like a fool. This year though I am trying to have a more festive opinion on Valentine’s Day because, well I am a romantic type person when I want to be.  It’s always great to plan ahead and so I am sharing a fantastic code to save 15% on CardStore —

Schedule your sweetie’s Valentine’s Day Card today & Save 15% at Cardstore… you won’t regret it! February 14th will be here before you know it. Use Coupon Code: CAA3753, Shop Now!

I recently wrote about this company, Cardstore in November for Thanksgiving and holiday cards. Now you can use Cardstore’s coupon code shared above to save money and send a card to a loved one.

The lover

When I used Cardstore, I sent a cute thinking of you this Fall season type card to my Great Grandmother who in turn wrote back to me thanking me for such a lovely card! I think this would be a cute way to show that loved one you care this Valentine’s Day, don’t have a partner in life? Well send one to the kids, I know my kids LOVE getting mail!

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  1. Terri K (@tkharmonic) (91 comments)

    I think it’s a great idea for kids to send to their grandparents!

    Years ago I was in a different relationship and I got expensive earrings & red roses, etc., for Valentine’s Day and the guy ended up being a complete liar/jerk. The guy I’m dating now is not exactly the most romantic guy out there, and though he might bring me chocolates for Valentine’s Day, it’s the little things, like coming over and cleaning out the cat litter box that I appreciate more than grand gestures.

    • brandyellen (444 comments)

      I agree – I prefer heart felt little gestures honestly if I were to celebrate over big expensive things. Just what wins my heart overall. 😉 Thanks for your comment Terri!

  2. Rosey (1066 comments)

    Years and years and years ago (so many I forgot until I read this post) I went all out for a guy who got me nothing, lolol!!

    At the time I was like, whaaaaaaaaaaat?!?! But in hingsight it was very indicative of his personality, and I’m so glad I didn’t end up with him!

    This is neat, and I too think it would be good for the grandkids to send to their grandparents.

  3. Dolly (1 comments)

    I learned I had to ask my husband for what I wanted. Would I rather he just wake up one day and be a naturally romantic person? Of course. But thats just not him, he is wonderful in so many other ways. So I stopped the cycle of V-day disappointments and now I say “Tuesday is valentines day, I’d love it if you got me flowers” and he does. 🙂
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