Trying to Understand How to Best Use Affiliate Programs

There are so many bloggers who bank on affiliate programs and I just want to know how to get the hang of them. I am an affiliate with so many programs that I think I did over kill, meaning there are so many that it’s difficult to focus on a few and sell those to try to earn some extra revenue on my site.

In my opinion, if I may think out loud for a moment; I believe that in order to make good money with affiliate programs it’s not about the number of programs you are part of, it’s the quality in which you can promote a few that you love. You see, almost every store you shop at has “become an affiliate” link at the very bottom of their website. Look next time you visit your favorite brand’s website, most have it down there.

It’s easy to become an affiliate for your favorite brand or place you shop often and if you are blogging about that place often, such as including it in your day to day life posts then it should be easy to promote and in turn you may earn some commissions – but how do I do it? How do I get started? I really need some tips and help on this topic because I keep researching it, I get the research but then I do a total fail. End of year I see revenue from everything except affiliate programs.

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  1. I have only been offered one affiliate program, but I declined because I have never tried the product (Shabby Apple), so I have no good advice. I do wish you luck though, w/finding good tips, and will share it on social media to try and help a bit. GL!

    1. I am an affiliate through various places such as the Escalate Network, Google Publishers/Affiliate programs etc but it’s so many of them that it’s hard to keep up and figure out which ones to really “sell” so to speak .. or promote. Hopefully some people can assist. I have researched a bit too.

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