Turn Baby Bottle into Cute Stuffed Animal with Bottle Pets @bottle_pets

My sweet newborn niece does not quite use the large bottles to feed, she is doing both breastfeeding and some formula, last I knew, but she is so tiny that a normal 8 oz bottle is not in use yet. Keeping that in mind, there will be a time when Olivia needs to use the larger bottles and thanks to Bottle Pets my niece will have a stylish, soft bottle cover for her tiny hands. A ladybug and cow Bottle Pet have been sent for Olivia as a baby gift to my sister and brother in law.

ladybug bottle pet

Bottle Pets are a soft, stylish, cuddle bottle cover and are currently retailed at $19.99 on Bottle Pets website. If purchased on site BottlePets.net then you will also get free shipping. This product was created by two Moms who were looking to find a fun way to feed their baby. Sometimes feeding a baby can be difficult, at times if your baby is overly fussy it can turn into a screaming fest and put the first time parent into tears. Bottle Pets make for bottle feeding to be more of a fun event, capturing the attention of your little one with the bright, but not over stimulating colors and animal options.

The Cow Bottle Pets

Olivia is now four days old and will enjoy her cow and ladybug Bottle Pets soon enough but for now my sister thinks these are absolutely adorable.  With a variety of choices such as Cow, Ladybug, dinosaur, rabbit and more, every new parent will be able to find that particular animal that you are fond of to pass on a love of that animal to your baby once it is bottle feeding.

These plush Bottle Pets are super soft with vibrant colors. You can also find Bottle Pets at wholesale dealers in some locations, to see if you have a Bottle Pets wholesale store near you visit the Bottle Pets Wholesale Purchase website.

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  1. We’ve got a baby on the way…well not ‘we,’ but my oldest and his wife do, and this is highly likely to find it’s way to their baby shower from us. These look great (and they’re cute!).

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