Publisher’s Clearing House $5k a Week For Life Sweepstakes

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PCH is having their $5k a week for life sweepstakes now where you can sign up to Enter for your chance to WIN $5000 a WEEK for life! Publisher’s Clearing House will be announcing the winner for their $5k for LIFE sweepstakes on February 28, 2013 on NBC and don’t you hope that’s you?

I have signed up for the PCH sweepstakes in the past because it’s an easy way to sign up for a chance to win crazy amounts of money. What would I do if I won $5k for life?

  • Pay back and off any debt I have accumulated at the time of winning $5k a week for life.
  • Purchase that cabin or land in Maine for my Dad he has been dreaming about having.
  • Purchase a home outright for my family.
  • Start working on that children center I long to have to keep kids off of the streets with a hip, cool and safe hangout option.
  • Save money for my children’s college tuition’s, should they choose that route as adults.

Of course those bullet points are the most important things to me in this life, but I am sure there would be some spoiling at first because the kids and I have lived very tight for many years, it would be nice to do a little spoiling of each other at first.

What would you do if you won PCH’s $5k a life forever?

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