Proud Mom Moments: Spelling Bee

mother and daughterMy daughter is such an overachiever, I think she is much like me in that we get our mind set on something and refuse to do anything but our absolute best. Sometimes my daughter really thrives to be perfect, and that part of her personality can drive me bonkers at time. The fact that Kiara always wants to succeed but is now more accepting of knowing that she should be proud to have done her best is great to see.

Today there was a spelling bee in town, and forgive me but I am not sure what grades did this. I do know that there were a lot of students who made it to the spelling bee and so many kids were spelling words I had to double think or could not even begin to spell on my own. The kids rocked!

It was down to three students, my daughter being one of them. I had tightened my fists, body tense…. and then it happened, my daughter was head to head with a fantastic partner in the Spelling Bee. Another girl who was brilliant too, the words were just flying off of the tongues so easily. I felt my body get more tense, a smile across my face, tears in my eyes. I knew that no matter if my daughter made first place, I was already so dang proud of her for making it this far in the spelling bee.

Then it happened, one word and of course I have no clue what that word is because I was too darn tense to even think about the word. My daughter and this other girl competed up until one spelled a word right, then that person who spelled the word right was given another word to spell. If that person spelled that word correct then he/she would be deemed the champion!

I am so happy for the family of the girl who made first place and so dang proud and happy for my daughter who made second place. What a fantastic parental moment, when that child you raised gets that high in a spelling bee. It was a great competition and so much fun, now do not mind me if I walk around with permagrin today for my daughter made second place in this spelling bee that she had studied for so hard! I am proud. I had tears, she had tears. Then we laughed because we had tears. I love my daughter and couldn’t be more proud of the person she is growing to be!

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  1. Wow, how amazing is that! I was always so amazed at the words these children could spell. I’m a fantastic speller and have no clue how to spell some of the words. You have every right to be a proud mama. Give your daughter a high five!!

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