The Overachiever Child and Proud Mama

My first born is your typical first born child who exhibits qualities of leadership, the need to succeed and is known as Mom Junior around the home. I am found constantly reminding Kiara to not grow up too fast, to let me worry about the adult things in life and just be a kid. I want so much for all three of my kids to enjoy being a kid, to do their best and when making mistakes to learn from them. My daughter is the best ever, she excels at everything she puts her mind to and has many talents.

High Honor Roll StudentKiara is able to write her own lyrics to a song and not just that, but place notes on music paper so that she is not only creating the lyrics to a unique song of her own but the music tones behind it. Kiara can read and write sheet music, she is extremely artistic and has a talent to draw nearly anything she puts her mind to in a way that everyone can admire the drawing.

My daughter has always been an A student, excelling in school at levels higher than expected for her grade level. This year is the first year when Honor Roll and High Honor Roll status starts to show up on her report cards and I couldn’t be more proud. First quarter of school Kiara received honor roll, having missed High Honor Roll by one B in art class. Her effort was a 2, which is basically satisfactory in a couple areas as well in class.

This quarter, the second quarter of school, Kiara came home with her report card in hand, she opened it up because she always wants to look at it before I do. The girl nearly jumped out of her seat when she saw that she brought the couple of 2 efforts up to a 1 {highest you can get for effort level} and brought her one B up to an A and an A up to an A+. She had two A+’s and the rest were A’s making her reach High Honor Roll status this quarter.

She was proud. I was proud. We both hugged smiled and I applauded her for doing so well. It was a happy moment for sure! Later that evening after I had tucked Kiara in to bed she said to me “Mama, now I have to try to get all A+’s because that is really the only option I have to increase my grades”. I giggled and replied “yes Hun, but how about you just worry about getting some sleep right now.”

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