I will be Meeting my Niece Soooon

This is the week, today my sister gets to find out when she will be induced. My sister already started effacing and dilating last week. I can not wait to share with you all this upcoming week some of the fantastic goodies I have for my new niece; such as Bottle Pets, a VTech video and audio monitor and much more!

Soon to Be First Time Mom and Auntie

For now, I am patiently waiting for that phone call from my sister to find out when my sister will be induced! She told me stand by the phone and that is what I am doing while working in the office today!

I can not wait to share pics and the story of me being an auntie for the first time! Excited for the first time parents too, my little sis and her husband!

Let’s go Miss Olivia .. can not wait to meet your baby face!

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