Longest Running Penny Auction Site in The United States

Deal. Dash Penny Auction Site
Image Courtesy about.me/dealdash

I have heard of penny auction sites before but never have I really participated in them, for no reason other than pure lack of need of any particular items that would make sense for me to partake in any auction let alone a penny auction. With that being said, I do realize many of my readers enjoy auctions and may purchase items from various auction sites to get a great deal! DealDash is the longest running penny auction site in the United States and offers free shipping in the United States. My kind of site, I love shopping online for items but it’s the shipping that kills me, can not go wrong with free shipping in the United States.

DealDash is a fair and honest penny auction site where you go and sign up, then buy bids. Next you will choose products and place bids. Win or buy now to get your bids back. Since February of 2009 DealDash has been offering honest and fair auctions for consumers and is rsk-free. DealDash also has Facebook contests where members can enter for a chance to win items every month! I know most of you who read this blog love a good contest or giveaway.

Bidders who do not win an auction are allowed to choose a buy it now option for the same price to get their bids back by purchasing another item outright. What a perfect idea, as I know I would hate to lose my bids. DealDash sounds like it has a lot of benefits for those of you who may be interested in checking them out.

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