I Can Always Count on these Three Top Commenters

Every day new articles go on site here as well as MomsVacationLand.com, and each time a new blog posts goes live, I can count on a handful of people who will leave me some comment love. These three people are blogs that I enjoy reading and I always leave them comment love in return, something I try to be really good about with anyone who comments here on site.

mail 4 roseyI know each time I schedule a new blog post that I can be prepared for the kind comments of Mail4Rosey and Masshole Mommy because they are the top two people who visit me daily. They actually tend to visit each time a new blog post goes live and I love hearing from them.

Then there is a third blogger, who I absolutely adore and was able to meet live in person during a blog trip. She is a sweetheart and she is also super funny, that would be Liz at A Nut in a Nutshell. Liz doesn’t visit as often as she used to nor do I visit her blog as often as I used to but trying to be better about it.

These three bloggers write some awesome things and share giveaways too, so I hope you all will check them out because I think they are worth your time to read whenever you have a moment.

I thank each of you personally for leaving me awesome comments and I thank all of my readers for reading what I have live on site, without you all my blog would be a ghost town – readers and comments are what keep me smiling & blogging!

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  1. I have a list of blogs I visit each morning before my coffee even, haha, and you, Robin, and Liz are all on there. 🙂

    Thanks for the shout out, this blog has been one of my faves forever and a day.

  2. <3 That's because you're blog is awesome. No seriously, you talk about real, everyday life and I can relate to a lot of what you talk about. Plus, I know you live like 2 hours from me and one of these days I am gonna meet you in real life!!!!

  3. i follow masshole mommy and love her stories as well. blogs with giveaways are great….but i love blogs that also share real life stories…makes me feel like i can relate

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