They Call It Gas

When a baby smiles, a newborn baby that is, they call it gas but I do not care what they call it, I swear when I was rubbing the cheek and head of my baby niece Olivia that her smile appeared because she loves her auntie. My touch and my voice brought that smile to her face, I swear. Not the formula that had her all up in a ruckus because of a belly ache, it was my touch and sweet voice that made Olivia smile while sleeping on her Grammy Eastman’s lap. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Baby Olivia

Yesterday I had a nice visit with my new niece Olivia as well as my sister and brother in law. I went over to their apartment to spend a few hours, or maybe two, to visit them and get to have my baby fix for the day. Of course, my bad auntie side showed when I said that Olivia is boring because all she did was sleep. My sister promptly called me a meanie. Eh, that is me. I say dumb things sometimes. Heck, I have a 10, 6 and 4 year old, the days of them sleeping all night let alone during the daytime hours has been gone for years.

Baby Olivia Sleeping

I must admit my niece is so sweet, cuddly, soft and beautiful. I love her so much and she is only about five days old now. Olivia is already the spitting image of her parents with the attitude of my sister, I can not wait to spoil and love this baby and be the best auntie ever to her, always.

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  1. Look how tiny she looks in the seat, awwww. She is a gorgeous baby (and don’t worry about the sleeping, she’ll be up and running before you know it 😉 ). Congrats to the parents on such a little beauty (and you too! being an aunt is one of my most favorite things).

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