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My niece Olivia is the cutest, sweetest baby ever. Yes I am biased. Yes I am a first time auntie and yes, if you need to know, I have baby blues of my own so my baby niece Olivia is how I get over those “baby blues”. Who cares. Olivia is sweet. Being that she was born at 7lbs 9oz when my daughter {smallest baby to me} was 8lbs 13oz at birth, Olivia is small to me. Tiny to be exact.

Mother to newborn

About a week ago I visited Olivia at my sister and brother in law’s apartment &  she was about 6 days old. A lively little girl she was that day. Alert, looking around at her cousins. It was the cutest ever. Kiara and Aj had not yet met Olivia so they were in awe over her, even my tween daughter, Miss Kiara, had tears in her eyes before meeting this sweet baby cousin of hers. Olivia brings so much joy to anyone near her baby face.

Baby Alert staring at auntie

I had to capture some pictures because I suppose that is what I do. I am a first time auntie and so I can totally snap 100 pictures if I want to, well if my sister and her husband let me, I suppose. Either way, everyone loves a baby — or so I thought? If you don’t love a baby, then you probably shouldn’t be reading this!

I snapped a picture of Olivia while I was holding her, staring up at me checking out her auntie. I got a picture of the boys overlooking their baby cousin while Ki was sitting next to Olivia. I also got a pic of Ki near Olivia as well as holding Olivia. Such happy moments.


I am so excited and happy to be an auntie but even more so for my sister, she never thought this day would come. Doctors said she wouldn’t have kids. Ever. No questions. Yet here is this beautiful baby girl, Olivia, born to two wonderful new parents who love and adore their baby girl so much. It warms my heart to see my little sis as a mother, I think she will do just fine!

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