End of Year Clean Up

Tis the season to start making sure my records are up to date, all is well in the business department and to see how much my revenue increase from previous year. I know each year I love seeing how much more I made than previous years. I am still not at my goal income and I still live pretty much broke, but I enjoy everything I do for work and looking at end of year to see even the smallest increase in revenue is what keeps me moving forward!

This year, I had given up the Virtual Assistant business, only recently did I start taking on clients, and I was making similar to what I was making last couple of years running my blogs and virtual assistant business but with less work. My goals for the New Year are to simply be a freelance writer and blogger a majority of the time.

I certainly would like to be a social media person for a couple of brands if they would have me, so I am keeping my eyes out for that perfect social media position that I can do from home.

Taxes end of Year

I was really good this year about keeping my Excel worksheet up to date with products I received, only falling behind on updating it this month so that shouldn’t be too hard to compile.  Yes, I have to pay taxes/report as income any of the fair market values of products sent to me for free this year, like every year before. It’s sort of frustrating as I feel it gives a false sense of what you actually make on that Schedule C, but it is what it is. One of the downfalls of completing product reviews.

I am already at a profit without taking into account product values, so that is a huge plus. I am feeling confident about my decision to do all that I do from home and will continue on in 2013 proud and strong. End of year doesn’t stress me out, it’s real simple for the most part because I keep good records all year round.

How is end of year hitting you all? Have you kept yourself organized?

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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  1. I didn’t do that many reviews (I joined quite a few giveaways where I promoted only) because it’ll be my first year claiming them and I wanted to see how that went. Like you, I keep good records, writing everything down as I go.

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