What Do you DO For Work

When I first started this blogging venture, it wasn’t something I thought I would really make money enough to live on but I was willing to give it a try and so far it has been paying off both emotionally and financially. Trying to answer that old question “what do you DO for work?” is difficult for me though, you see I was taught that I need to have some elevator pitch but honestly I write and do so much on this blog and write about various other things on my other blog that I don’t think a 15 second pitch is really going to sell anyone on what I do nor explain fully what it is I can offer others.

In all honestly, I feel all I offer is an honest, personal, sometimes silly, usually positive story about what’s going on in my life but when you tell a perfect stranger this they give you the head tilt as if “why would anyone want to read about YOU”, because you know I am nothing special – just another human being who happens to be a NH Mom Blogger.

Usually if someone asks what it is I do for work, using the terms Marketing, Social Media Consultant or Freelance Writer ring a bell with them faster than a NH Mom Blogger. The term NH Mom Blogger sits well with me and it’s a term I much enjoy using because after all that is who I am and what I have become in the past four years. It is time, however, to step up my business a notch and push further and become more than I am now. I am excited for the new year and hopefully this New Year I nail SEO and get a major boost in traffic for something other than my awesome giveaways I host.

So how do you answer this question about what you DO for work?

Happy New Year from this NH Mom Blogger to you …..

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  1. I do computer tutoring for senior citizens, but I do it informally right now. I’ve kind of accidentally discovered I’m really good at it, and enjoy the one-on-one tutoring with people who want to learn far more than I enjoyed my high-pressure IT job I had for 5 years. My “goal” is to actually turn my tutoring into a business that will support me financially, but without overcharging clients (many of whom are on a fixed income).

  2. I write for pay to get my monthly bills covered. THAT isn’t acceptable to people either. I’ve only brought up my blog (even though that’s not a pay thing for me) to two different people who have asked about what I’m ‘doing’ right now and they both (and both family members who love me, lol) dismissed it instantly.

    If I’m not back at a desk all day w/a window, a secretary, and a boss, I guess it’s not really a ‘real’ job, but I’ll tell you I work a lot harder for the pennies I get writing than I did when I was working out of the house. And I like it. I don’t like the pay, but I like freelancing. It’s empowering, frustrating, satisfying, gratifying, drives me crazy, fun to eek out my own pay.

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