The Inspiration Behind Blogging For Me Personally

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I was asked the question, what inspires you to blog? My answer came to my mind as quick as quick can be;  who I was and who I am now is what inspires me to blog. My readers, those who interact with me online saying how much I inspire them to keep moving forward with weight loss goals, life goals and so much more. I am an inspiration to some, an amusement to others and just plain crazy to a few, knowing that I am reaching people who care is what inspires me to keep blogging.

My children inspire me daily to be a great mother and with the fun adventures I deal with each day raising three children, my inspiration to write more and share more stories comes. I love sharing the silly and sometimes jaw dropping days of raising my youngest. I inspire to share how I parent and how I have learned to create this perfect (so to speak) balance between being the parent and the friend. I am someone my kids can turn to for anything, anytime and anywhere. My kids trust me but they also respect me. That is a hard balance to find and maintain, I believe I am helping others find that balance by blogging daily about my life.

I do not have a lot of money to give back to others, but knowing my words and writing online can make someone elses day a better day? That my friends is worth every moment I spend writing these words about my life, my challenges and my own personal issues in this world. I love to share how I overcome challenges and rise up beyond them to not only get on with my life but find a way for closure with situations that may arise.

Life is way too short and if I can use my blog to inspire others, then that is what I will do. I will live each day sharing who I am today because who I was many years ago was not so happy go lucky and I feel I changed to help others change; that is what inspires me to keep blogging; the fact that I am truly helping others.

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