Hair Cut Night Was Last Week

I am lucky that I have a long time family friend {may as well call her family} that comes to my house to cut the hairs off the heads of my kids and me. She is affordable, convenient and a great person to have for company when I am around kids all damn day. I try not to keep her too long with my rambling, but it’s hard some times. This past week I had plans for her to cut my hair and the boys hair. I dyed my hair a long time ago and am trying hard to let my hair grow out the orange/yellow that I dyed my hair in hopes for some cool blonde highlights in this black head of hair I have.

Brandy Ellen gets hair cut

So that is my new haircut, I made sure to keep it just below my shoulders because when I curl my hair, meaning increase my naturally curly hair, it pops up quite a bit, but when I straighten my hair it looks like the image above. Pretty huh? I love how she cuts my hair. She is da best!

Next it was the six year old’s turn to get his mop chopped, those boys have hair like their Mama, it just grows way too fast but once they get it all trimmed up it looks so handsome and is soft to the touch.

Boy getting hair cut

He doesn’t look so happy because he hates the hair that gets into his face during the cut, this is my kid that has some sensory type issues going on that no one can really seem to pin down as to why but we live with it and they are not so bad that he can’t live with it too. I love him.

Next it was the daughters turn, note that I was not planning on her to get her hair cut so she cost me a little extra than planned, but so worth it to see her get her hair trimmed up and lose those dead ends that were piling up. Oh and to see her smile after she was all trimmed up was priceless!

Kid got haircut

Last but not least you all are expecting a picture of the ham, K-man right? Nope, apparently he feels his hair is too cool for his own self and he is never, ever, ever cutting his hair so here’s a pic of him being a model with his long hair and new Shredz toys instead ….

The four year old model

Some day this boy o’ mine, the K-man is going to make his Mama some awesome money with his modeling skills ….  (the pose? Was 100% HIS idea, not mine).

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