The Decision to Start Taking on Clients

Last year I was running my 2-3 blogs, writing on other websites, running my virtual assistant business and juggling three kids with my youngest being home full time. This was difficult, but it was what I had to do to survive financially. After evaluation of end of year gross income, I realized that I could “live” off of just my blogs income.  Granted, I wouldn’t have a lot of extra funds for play money and I would have to be much smarter in the area of budgeting my finances, but it was possible to cut out my virtual assistant business from the picture.

Since I felt I needed to take a break from anything I could cut out of my life this 2012 year, I made the business decision to take down my Brandy Ellen’s Business Solutions website and work strictly on blogging and writing for other outlets. I am proud to say that in 2011 I was making less than what I have made thus far in 2012 with ONLY BLOGGING. As of last month, I decided to reopen my virtual assistant business because I miss helping others and of course I could totally use some steady monthly/weekly pay checks.

My mission this end of 2012 and into 2013 and beyond is to not just take on small business clients, or handle social media accounts of firms that wish to utilize my social media marketing skills but to help bloggers out. I have been working with bloggers to help list giveaways for their holiday gift guides, increase traffic to their websites and help gain some page rank increase if possible.

It’s fun for me to help other bloggers, because after all my main income is from blogging and it is truly what I am passionate about. I firmly believe that I am succeeding in juggling three kids { 2 in school full time and 1 part time}, running my Virtual Assistant Business, Writing here on this blog and on MVL because it is what I am passionate about. I have found that there are two benefits to doing what you love as a “job”; 1) You are a happier person and 2) You succeed much faster.

If you could do anything for work; whether out of home or in home, what would you do? Are you already doing this now?

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  1. Congrats on you savvy business acumen, that’s incredible! I write Wikis and keyword articles to make money at home, but it’s relentlessly tiring and not good pay (you do what you gotta do to pay the bills you accumulate).

    What I would like to do is write non-fiction, maybe a college text book, because I think everything about that would be fulfilling/fun/awesome. But I don’t have that lack of fear that you do, so I am 99% sure I’ll be heading back to the same career I’ve done most of my adult life soon, and that’s okay, I like that too. I don’t LOVE it, or have that passion about it that you’re describing, but I like it a lot, and that’s ok.

    Good luck w/re-opening your business. I hope it goes wonderfully well for you!

  2. I would teach/tutor senior citizens who are beginners with computers & the internet. I really enjoy working with older people, it’s very comfortable to me and I have much more patience with older people than I do with children.

    I am doing this with one person now, and would love to be able to support myself doing it as a business because it’s so much more fulfilling to me than just working in IT/helpdesk.

  3. I would spend more time with my family and actually be able to help my son with his homework. I work 11p to 7a as a night shift RN in a nursing home, and would love to be able to focus more on my blog and to actually support us with it.

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