My Brand New Outfit, Head to Toes

Okay now normally I would cringe at the idea of my Mom buying me clothes, I think I resort back to that teenager self and think oh my gawd she did not buy me that. There is no way that my Mom on any green Earth would “get me”, right?

Brand New Outfit from JCPenneys

I could not have been more wrong, granted my younger (and only) sister helped my Mom pick out my clothes, but seriously? This outfit shown above is a brand new shirt, jeans and UGG looking boots from JCPenney’s that my Mama bought me for Christmas.

Being that I am not a materialistic person and rarely do I get gifts, I seriously wanted to cry because my Mom with the help of my sister gave me a perfect outfit. It’s great to have a new outfit, because I have been losing weight. The pants shown here are a size 32/14, although a bit long for me, the waste translates to an 11/12 in woman’s? Seriously? They are woman’s jeans but with the man’s measurement for size I guess.

So not only did my Mom boost my spirits with a new outfit, me fitting into a 12? That was Merry Christmas Brandy in itself!

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