I recently shared some information about GradSave and I wanted to take a moment to remind you exactly what it is that GradSave offers and why I feel strongly about promoting this company.

Saving for your child’s college isn’t an easy task, it’s something that one may not think about in time. I have seen, all too often, parents who are struggling to pay for their child’s college tuition as the prices of everything in this world increases yet rate of income stays the same if not lower. Why not save yourself and your child some headaches and start saving for college today?

Give the gift of a college tuition savings account to a loved child today. When my daughter was born she was given two savings bonds, which is really cool, but they never came again so here she is age 10 with just two small savings bonds. Don’t get me wrong, totally cool that she has them, but as she starts to age and talk about what she really wants to be when she grows up, I am reminded that one day I will have three kids with a college tuition – that is if all three do attend college.

GradSave has an easy message, to make college savings easier and you can purchase gift cards there to give as a gift {college tuition savings gift cards} to help a loved one keep a savings for their college years.  Giving the gift of a college savings account is so worth it, maybe it won’t make the kids smile today, but they will cherish it when they are old enough to understand what it is for. Visit GradSave to purchase your “no gift birthday present” or “holiday present” today so that you can save on the cost of the card as well as know that you are helping to fund the future of our future generation!

Also while checking out GradSave, remember that you can enter their $10k Scholarship Sweepstakes that is still open to enter.  It’s an easy entry, simply fill in the fields and you are entered for a chance to win a $10,000 Scholarship Sweepstakes!

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