The Spoiled Pug Named Jenny and her Dog Bed

Jenny the pug came to us with her own little crate, this is used when I am not at home but more often than not she tends to sleep in it during the day. I didn’t like the dog bed that had come with her, for it was over used and I felt our sweet Jenny the Pug deserved some spoiling and so I looked online for various Dog Beds when I realized they have the most adorable dog beds out there on the market.

Can you imagine letting your dog have their own couch in the living room? I know Jenny the Pug would adore having her own little couch like doggy bed, because after all her tiny legs make it impossible for her to really jump up too often on furniture – thank goodness.  Having a dog means you have to search for Dog Supplies often too, because after all having a dog is like having another child.

So my fourth child, Jenny the Pug, is often in need of various types of supplies, most recently I would love to get her a doggy brush. After bath time she sheds so badly, leaving dog fur all over the place. It drives me bonkers! I also know that it’s getting colder outside and she should have a sweater. The pink camo coat that Miss Jenny the Pug came with no longer fits her.

If I could list a bunch of things that my fourth child, Jenny the Pug, needs for dog supplies it would have to be; flea & tick products, a dog bed, a dog brush and maybe even more doggy breath mints. This dog has breath to plug your nose for. Jenny the Pug came into our family accepting us, loving us and totally seems as if she has been with us since the day she was born. Jenny the Pug is loved. Do you treat your doggy as if it’s one of your family? What are some dog supplies that you see in the future for your doggy?

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  1. I suppose that if you don’t have “real” kids, maybe a seperate couch for the dog is ok, but for me something like that just isn’t realistic. When we had a dog, he just slept in my son’s bed.

  2. Oh my gosh, the couch is cute. If I had a dog (hubby says no…insert pouting, whining, etc. here) I’d snag that couch in a second! Awesome find. Did you get it?

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