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2 thoughts on “Are We Sheltering our kids Just a bit Much?”

  1. The kids here don’t/never did helmets. I know, people everywhere would be gasping for air, but so be it. Two are grown, one is almost grown, and the little guy doesn’t have one (yet). The older three all loved their bikes, and they were fine.

    We have a booster seat law similar to yours that is a bit over the top too. Right now my son’s five, and I couldn’t imagine him not being in his car seat (we still take it on planes too, to make sure we have a seat when we arrive at our destination). But later on, when he switches to a booster, I’m not sure how comfy I’ll be if he’s not fitting right (like you noted could happen). Sometimes we do (we being society) carry things too far.

  2. I think the booster seat until 4’9″ is a bit much. I already took my 8 year old out and he’s not there yet (almost, though) – and I never make my kids wear helmets riding their bikes in our driveway or even on our street for that matter, but if we go out “in public” their helmets are on.

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