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8 thoughts on “Rough and Tumble Play is Good for Kiddos”

  1. I agree – it is good for them. They need to know how to safely interact with others & they’ll definitely take what they learned by “rough” playing out into the real world. My brother was always one of those kids who didn’t know his own strength, so my parents always discouraged him and told him if other kids were rough with him that he should back down. He was a very easy target because all the other kids knew he wouldn’t do anything about it if they picked on him or threw things at him, etc. Until he snapped in 8th or 9th grade and sent some poor little boy to the hospital. I think if they helped him understand what was acceptable and safe early on, the poor kid would have been spared. But no one ever EVER messed with my brother after that.

  2. I have three boys, rough & tumble are their middle names, especially the older two…but they’re always respectful of each other. The two oldest are grown and have upped it a notch to punching each other to show their affection, but they’re 19 and 24, so too old for a time out now. 😉

    My daughter is not immune either…it’s not unusual for either one of her big brothers to scoop her up and take off running or carry her upside down on their shoulders, and frankly I think she loves it. 🙂

  3. Rough and tumble is my son’s favorite past time. As an only kid, his favorite target is our dog, cat and….me. I think it’s a great way for him to exercise and show his affection. I don’t worry because he’s careful and he knows when it’s too much and when to stop. I don’t worry about the pets getting mad either, I can see that they love it when my son plays with them.

  4. I have a very young son and an older daughter, so I have yet to experience this, but I think if a child is having fun and everyone is in agreement, there is nothing wrong w/ playing like this!


  5. There is a GREAT book – it is called Renegade Rules of Parenting. It agrees with what you said. You have to let boys roughhouse, climb, jump, run, be load, nothing wrong with pretend guns and pretend wars… it is all socialization, learning to be fair, learning limits. Just like puppies play rough, kids play rough. Not to the point of infringing on someone else’s rights or hurting someone or bullying – that is different. But that is also how it teaches them to RESPECT other children’s limits. Good post and great point!

  6. My son’s 12 now and he still likes to Rough and Tumble with his friends in the backyard playing football. I guess it’s just a boy thing. Do boys ever really grow up? LOL

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