Decide if you have a short or long term goal towards saving money. It is very important to save money for a variety of reasons; to have money aside for unexpected bills or to save for a home, car or holiday. Saving money takes discipline, but with careful planning, this can be achieved.

Have a Goal

Long term goals are what you want to achieve in ten or twenty years from now. Things like early retirement are achievable if you set a plan in place now. A short term goal is something that you want very soon, such as a weekend away or a luxury item. Decide what your goal is and save accordingly.

Extra Money is Always There

If you are short on cash, there are ways to be frugal. Cancel the newspaper delivery; don’t buy a coffee every morning; are the latest magazines really necessary; cancel gym memberships that aren’t used; bring, don’t buy, your lunch; these are some areas where you can save quite a deal of money over a period.

Start a Savings Account

Get professional advice on the right type account for you. Consider your savings a ‘bill’ where every month a payment has to be made. The more automatic savings become, the easier it will be to reach your goal.

Shop Around for the Best Deal

Shop around for deals that will give you the best interest rate and lowest fees. You can make an appointment for a free telephone consultation with Fox Symes where friendly expert staff will provide you with all the information necessary to start you on the right savings plan.

Save Your Change

One dollar and two dollar coins mount up very quickly, so empty your purse every afternoon and you will be surprised how quickly it adds up. Once you have $20 or $50 in coins, deposit it into your savings account.

Consolidate Your Debt

Don’t let debt rule you. It is important that you clear your debt. Everything has to be repaid, but if you consolidate a loan for debt, this will ease the burden on you. You will save on interest and bank fees and only one payment will have to be made each month.

Save on Household Costs

“Turn off the lights”, “Don’t take too long in the shower”, these are all phrases we have heard from our parents over the years. As we save towards our goal, we realise that these phrases actually make sense! With electricity and grocery costs rising, huge savings can be made by planning ahead. Washing when the machine is full and making a list before shopping will save you lots of money. Use catalogues and coupons for extra savings. All this saved cash can go straight into your savings account.

Don’t be afraid to seek professional advice when establishing a savings plan. The right advice may mean you will be able to save money faster. Always be realistic, well organised and disciplined when starting a savings plan. You will gain rewards sooner than you thought possible.

Tara Blair is a Business and Personal Finance Writer from Brisbane, Australia. She says that there are many ways people can start saving money and if you are experiencing financial problems you should consider a loan for debt  to help get you back on track faster.

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