The Moody Changes During One Week a Month

I swear there is something wrong with me, each month, make that every three weeks; I get moody. I do not like anyone, I am short fused and more apt to tell someone off or speak without thinking let’s just say. I am not that person. I am usually pretty good at minding my own business, being nice to others and being happy, but when you get that once a month visitor on it’s way, I turn into the person I was while pregnant.

There is a reason I hated being pregnant, I was extremely hormonal. Hormones were so rageful that I didn’t know up nor down and hated everyone. I am not the “hating” type of person, I rarely use that word, well I use it more now because my four year old says it way too much and has me saying it. In all honesty, I feel hate is too strong of a word to just toss around, but when you take that time of the month, rather the week before it arrives; I can honestly say I HATE it.

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I turn into my evil opposite. I worry about things that need not be worried about. I yell more, rather raise my voice. I don’t have the patience for anything. Doing dishes upsets me. Doing laundry puts me into tears and I usually have no problem sleeping because I want to sleep as often as a depressed person would. It’s so hard to remain positive during that week before my period and I just do not understand hormones.

I really do wish that I didn’t have my nonfriend {that’s what I call this time of the month} because I don’t want anymore kids, three is quite honestly enough and I do not want to have to keep putting everyone around me through the mood swings I encounter every three weeks. Midol does help, but I ran out and well keep forgetting to buy it, but Midol can not keep me tamed the whole week, it just makes the symptoms slightly tolerable for myself and others around me.

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  1. You are so not alone. At least 50% of the population has your back and goes through the same thing. In fact 25% of us are going through it with you on the same week. Ya may think that men have it so easy but they have to deal with US! Hang in there, friend, we can all be bitches together! 😉

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