You Can Make Money On YouTube

I was in Walmart during a grocery shopping trip when this worker thought he was in my way, he was overly polite and forgiving while I said it was fine and that I didn’t know which way was up nor down at this moment. I was just spacing out at the freezer section while K-man in the cart was babbling about something and A-man was stomping around laughing.

The worker, apparently impressed by my dramatic boys, said I should record them and put the video up on YouTube, because I would seriously make some money. I had to laugh because I do make some revenue on YouTube with my YouTube Channel. The worker was so insistent upon me recording my sons and putting them up on YouTube, convinced they were amusing enough to get crazy views.

Little does this worker know, I already upload frequent videos, more frequently vlogs of me babbling so I said “yea I know, I already make money on YouTube” and he gave me the ole thumbs up with a smile saying “serious? Way to go!”

Thank goodness he didn’t try to get into a conversation with who I am what I do and all that because them boys o’mine only have a short attention spam in the grocery store so I am not super chatty with strangers if they are running along side of me shopping.  I guess even random people at grocery stores “get” the concept of making money online!

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  1. I need to get better about uploading stuff to YouTube. I mainly upload videos of my kids on there, but rarely vlog. I think I Just feel like I never have anything important enough to say LOL.

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