Living With a Blogging Mama

Can’t be easy. I am always having the camera in the faces of my children, the thing is that all of them can now tell me if they want me to share the video or camera pic and I respect their choice to say yes share or no do not share. Early morning pictures don’t do so well in this house, pictured below is my daughter and I with our bed head but smiling, sort of.

And then there are the times we have family board game time. The current favorite in my house is the game of Life. K man doesn’t play it so well, he pretty much ticks everyone off by driving his car all over the board and begging for loads of cash but not really playing along with us.

It gets to the point where my kids are simply used to Mama snapping various pictures of our times together because the pictures tell my stories so much better than my words do at times. Kiara and Aedan just love playing board games with their blogging Mama but alas, sometimes there is issues.

For example, if the six year old has the highest salary card and someone else lands on “trade salary card” and attempts to trade with him, he flat our refuses throwing this huge fit. We are working on trying to get Aedan to realize it’s just a game and he can still “win” even if his high paying salary is traded. It’s a work in progress.

Then you have the whole “what that’s not fair” come into play through out the entire family board game night, but then I promptly reply “life’s not fair” and laugh because we are playing the game of Life so it’s funny to me.

Overall the kids are pretty accepting of the camera around because my daughter, after all, does have her own private blog and plans to be a teen blogger. All too often I hear my daughter mention that she wants to be just like me when she grows up. Let’s just hope she earns a degree at the same time or before though, because even though what I do rocks, a degree under her belt will make me proud!

The joys of living with a blogging Mama, it’s like a reality TV show but not really.


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  1. Wow – you kinda nailed it. I am always snapping pictures of my kids, but I’ve always scrapbooked, so I think my kids are used to me acting like the paparazzi.

  2. I just started blogging in the summer, but I’ve always had the camera around for everything, so I think the kids don’t even notice. 🙂

    A teen blogger on your hands, huh? That’s neat!

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