Funny and Cute Friendship eCards

I know most of these are shared way too much on Facebook, but I have to be honest; they don’t get old for me. Most make me smile when I need a mid day laugh. So today I share with you Friendship ecards….

I think of my sister when I see this one, she will blow up my phones to talk to me & I love her…

Now I can so picture me saying this to my friends …

I know a few people like this …

And I know many friends that I enjoy comfortable silence with …


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  1. Robin (166 comments) says:

    Hahaha – I love these. Especially the one that says “because I miss you hearing the sound of my voice”. That’s totally something I would say in real life to one of my good friends or my mom LOL.

  2. Rosey (968 comments) says:

    These don’t get old for me either. There are lots of times I come across one that makes me smile. During the election I saw one that said something about ‘yeah, your bazillion posts on FB will make me change my mind about how I feel about politics…said no one EVER’ and it made me laugh. :)

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