It’s Election Day – Go Cast your Vote

If you know me, you know I do not talk politics nor push my views on others or prefer to have everyone to agree with me, but I do hope everyone can agree with me on the importance to cast your vote on this Election Day. Every four years, we the people have the right to cast our vote on a variety of topics and issues as well as for our next President of the United States of America.

I took the two older kids to school this morning and as much as I had preferred waiting til afternoon to vote without children, I decided that I would take K-man along with me this morning. There was a parking place near the voting place in town and I took it. I explained to K-man that Mama had to go vote. He wanted to know what voting is and why.

Well explaining such a topic to a four year old was quite difficult because no matter what I said he would just ask “why” or “what”…. so basically I explained that we are the people, we have the right to vote, and our vote matters. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, it doesn’t matter what you believe in. All that matters is that we the people continue to vote every four years to ensure that we are heard.

I am sure I could get into a big bunch of conversations outlining what is “wrong” with our country today, however, I much prefer to focus on what is right and that we have the right to change things. So get out and vote today, my four year old was amazingly awesome at the polls this morning and I am glad I brought him along to experience the process of casting your vote!

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