Celebrating Teachers with @gradsave Teacher Appreciation Program

Attention teachers, if you are out there then I want you to please listen up! I am sharing a fantastic idea for teachers,  elementary level teachers may work best, however, feel free to check this out if you teach high school level as well. This is for GradSave College Tuition Savings Gift Cards, which means it’s best if you start giving them out at a younger age rather than later in life.

The more everyone can work together to help save for a child’s college education, the better off a child will be to have a chance to afford that hefty college bill later in life. GradSave wants to celebrate teachers and what better way than to offer teachers a chance to get some free GradSave gift cards for their students, up to $200 worth!

All you do is head over to GradSave Teacher Appreciation Program page and enter your information and they will ship to you $200 worth of GradSave Gift Cards. You then can give them as a gift in the classroom for outstanding behavior or work. Another option would be to have a GradSave Gift Card be part of your “treasure chest”, I know most of my children’s teachers have a treasure chest where the child can choose something if they do something “special” in the class room. Most recently, my six year old is able to pick a treasure from the classroom when we visit the classroom’s website and find the “secret word”.

What a great idea from GradSave this holiday season, time for us to give thanks to our teachers and the teachers to give thanks to their students! Will you head over today? Please tell me if you do! I want to see some of the readers, friends and local teachers get their students these because it’s a start in a positive direction; our children’s future education!

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