Upvc Windows, Is Double Glazed A Better Alternative To Timber Frames

Over the years there has been tremendous growth in design. As the times change many design of doors and windows are coming forth. There are different types of windows today that will amaze even the most discerning person to modern design. Besides the design and the different tastes that many people have, there are serious needs that have to be fulfilled like warmth, security and cost. Let’s compare the Upvc windows with timber frame windows and see the differences.

UPVC windows: Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride (UPVC) windows have now become a popular window frame material for thousands of people across the globe especially in Europe and North America. It is light and when it comes to fitting then replacement UPVC windows are the best. They are ideal because they don’t need a lot of maintenance and are cheap to maintain. Getting cheap UPVC windows is easy and a person will gain from a long list of benefits even though they aren’t very sturdy when it comes to coping with extreme weathers especially the winters. But overall, it is cost efficient, light and easy to maintain.

Timber Frames: many people do require double glazed windows and doors today. A person can use one of the many components that make these windows in the market. A person can choose to have their window frames made from aluminium, timber or even UPVC. Wood scores the best when it comes to prevention of noise from outside. The wooden framed window also strikes high when it comes to maintaining and enhancing house ooze that natural beauty. On the other hand it scores low on the part of maintenance because every now and then it has to be painted as well as filled if it has cracks. It is expensive and definitely not environmental friendly considering that trees have to be cut for it.

When it comes to comparing the UPVC windows fitted  and the timber frames it becomes obvious that, that will be a hard choice for many. If the weather is not very extreme then UPVC windows takes the crown but for extreme winters, then the wooden windows will have to carry the day. 

Written on behalf of Just Value Doors


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