I was driving to school yesterday, listening to my normal country music station when they decided to start sharing some weather news. I should have put on the ear muffs. I should have changed the station, because what they said I will never forget. It’s the beginning of October and over this upcoming weekend it is said that way higher elevations, like the mountains, will have some snow over the weekend. Seriously? I am not ready.

I have lived in New Hampshire all of my life, I really should be used to New England Winters, but I still don’t care for it all that much. I wish I was a bear, so I could curl up and take a long Winter nap, but I am mom to three kids who love the Winter and so that means thinking about fun activities to do in the freezing cold snow.

Some people ski. Some snow board. Others are like me and hibernate. While many do plan luxury skiing holidays during the Winter, it’s just not my thing. I have tried to ski, a couple of times actually. I never graduated fully from the rope slope thing. You know, if you have ever skied or had kids who did, it’s that rope tow small hill that seems to sport mostly little kids? Yeah. That is how far I can go with skis.

The reason I prefer the rope slope over the high ski lifts is due to my fear of heights and the fact that those ski lifts do not stop. You have to be prepared to fly off of that thing and I would much prefer a ride up, stop and be let off. Yes, I am spoiled like that. The memory I have of skiing would be flying down the hill and falling. My back being scratched up by the rough snow and ice on the mountain, me crying, and me never returning to ski ever ever again.

I am now almost 31 years old and I would love for my kids to try skiing or snow boarding to see if they enjoy it but I fear I won’t be able to get on skis ever again so maybe their Dad’s can take them.

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Written by brandyellen

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  1. Stacie (42 comments)

    I heard that North Central Wisconsin is suppose to get snow Friday night into Saturday morning. I am not ready for it. The weather has been so weird this whole year. I really want to enjoy fall first. I heard that you guys on the east coast are suppose to have a snowy winter.
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  2. Robin (170 comments)

    Noooooo! It’s too early for the “S” word. LOL. We’ll be up at Loon mtn next month and I am hoping there’s no snow when we get there.
    Robin´s last blog post ..Belcourt Castle Ghost Tour