Haircut Day for the Boys – Before & After

I am a total procrastinator with the boys on getting haircuts for two reasons 1) lack of money and 2) lack of schedule to get the person they prefer to cut their hair here.  The other night everything lined up perfectly; I had the funds and the long time family friend had the open night to cut the boys hair. I had no sports, no appointments and so it was going to work out great.  The boys were in dire need to have their mops chopped.

K-man’s hair grows back faster than A-man, as you can see in this picture above, each boy always gets their haircut at the same time and yet K-man’s is thicker and longer than A-man’s.  Shockingly when Miss Athena arrived to cut their hair, K-man wanted to be first up.

K-man wasn’t too impressed at first with his haircut, because he wanted to keep the rocker look he had going on before. He loves the high spikes but seriously he looked horrible with all that hair. K-man’s hair is his signature, much like my longer hair is my signature – it’s just what people notice about the two of us first, usually.

Once K-man was all done we had to wrangle down A-man to get him in the chair, standing rather, so that Miss Athena could chop his mop. That was a chore, the kid was so hyper. Finally A-man was ready getting his mop all chopped off, getting prepared to look all handsome.

A-man loves his new look and was all happy to smile for a picture, his brother on the other hand just wanted to be all comedian-ish for the camera. I firmly believe that K-man is my future actor.

Now my boys are handsome and ready to have less hair, of course that doesn’t make much sense for the Winter time in NH, more hair would keep them warmer, but they are happy and so is this Mama. No more mop headed boys!

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