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3 thoughts on “There are So many Forms of Abuse, Let’s All be Kind”

  1. I used to have lunch in my classroom because in the teacher’s lounge talk would inevitably turn to, “I hate this next class and every kid in it,” and I couldn’t hack it. Never in my life would I have thought such a possibility if i hadn’t heard it with my own ears…regularly (high school). Is it any wonder the kids had issues with respect? Kids can feel when you don’t like them, they may not know it’s that, but they know it’s something…and they react.

    I wish I would have stayed and been positive instead of retreating into my own space. You’re right, it could have made a difference…sown a seed for them to want to be more positive towards their students. I could go on… the subject touches a lot of nerves, but I won’t. Your points are good ones, very valid!

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