Celebrating a Birthday during the Holidays

A birthday is a special day. It is the one day during the year that each of us can claim a little fame. As Warhol said, in the future we’ll each get 15 minutes of fame. We deserve a day to be recognized and to be treated with special consideration. Birthdays are ideal for this. And most people have no problem insisting that their birthday be recognized as an important day.

But what about those individuals born on a holiday? Should their birthdays be ignored or treated as less important just because the rest of the nation is celebrating a different cause? A birthday is a birthday, regardless of whether it falls on December 25th or January 1st. The good news is, these holiday birthdays can be even more special than others.

Combining the Celebrations

A Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s birthday celebration can be delightful. After all, your house is already decorated for fun and a festive atmosphere prevails. With just a few touches, a little creativity, and a good sense of humor, your holiday can easily include a birthday celebration.

Consider the holiday themes. Halloween is known for scary costumes and haunted houses. Why not treat the birthday boy or girl to a trip to an amazing haunted house? Provided, of course, he or she is not squeamish, this could make for an epic October birthday.

Let’s consider November, which is right around the corner. During November you are likely to have fall colors as part of your holiday decoration scheme. You can add to that décor with typical birthday decorations in the same colors. A birthday cake could be decorated in the same tones.

The idea is to be creative and have fun while ensuring that the birthday person knows he or she has not been forgotten. In some instances you may want to skip the holiday theme and focus only on the birthday celebration.

Keeping Things Separate

Let’s face facts, a combination birthday-holiday celebration can leave some people feeling cheated. And for those individuals it is important to respect their wishes – birthday wishes that is!

In this case you should not use the holiday theme in association with the birthday décor. This means you would avoid wrapping a gift in holiday wrapping paper or placing the birthday gift under a Christmas tree.

Your birthday celebration plans should something that is distinctly arranged to honor the birthday person. You might include a special meal or dessert or even host a special gathering for the birthday celebration. You can find a great selection of birthday invitations at InvitationBox.com.

With the holiday also being part of the day, it is okay to keep the ‘birthday’ related celebrations and elements on the simple side. Basic birthday decorations like colorful balloons and banners will set the tone for the birthday event.

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  1. We make a big deal about birthdays here in our house and I do think I’d feel cheated if my birthday was combined with Christmas, etc. Thankfully my birthday is in July and both of my boys are August, so we don’t have to worry about it. My husband’s is in early January and we do a seperate celebration for his.

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