Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Why I Check My Headlights

Breast cancer awareness month is October, a time to remember all of my online friends who have found a lump during their monthly self headlight exam and head off to the doctors to ensure it’s a benign lump. When I was younger, I had a step mother who found a lump in her breast and they removed most of her breast to get rid of that lump, at least I believe that is what happened, my memory fails a bit on exactly what went on with her breast lump. While I was super young and uncertain of the true diagnosis, it was enough of a memory to stick with me through the years.

Listening as I heard about this long needle being put into her breast to test the lump and find out if it was indeed cancerous or not so many years ago scared me as a little one. Of course, back then I was so young that checking my own headlights really didn’t come into play. As the years progressed, and I am now about to turn 31 years old, I understand the true importance of checking your headlights each month. I have always been bad about breast self exams, which should be done monthly, the only reason I have been remembering to do the monthly exam is due to the various pains I have been having in my breasts. Doctors say the pain is just due to the large size of my headlights and my caffeine intake being too high.

Each month an alarm goes off on my computer to remind me to “check those headlights” and so I do that, each month and have yet to find a lump, thank God. Upon doing some research about breast cancer, I have found that 1 in 8 woman will develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime. While a man has a risk of 1 in 1,000 they also have a risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer. The fact that in the US breast cancer is the highest cause of death in woman, that’s even higher than lung cancer, really makes one realize the importance of checking those headlights each month.

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There are organizations like GoDaddy who are helping to give back to organizations helping fund research on breast cancer and spread more awareness of the importance of monthly exams. As a person who uses GoDaddy for her domain registrations, I am excited that as part of their helping to spread the message about checking your headlights, they are also offering a discount code STRENGTH where one can save 20% off hosting, domain purchases and anything else in between. GoDaddy is giving back to the National Breast Cancer Foundation with their Round up For Charity event, where anyone making an order with them can round their order up to the next dollar, having that little bit of extra be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

If we all work together to spread awareness about breast cancer, share our personal stories of friends, family and even our own self on surviving or living with breast cancer, then maybe more people will start to find the lump sooner by ensuring they do their monthly self breast exams. If we all work together, may just maybe we can get that percent of woman who are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer down to a minimal number, if not zero.

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